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Are you looking for a fantastic tire shop and auto mechanic in the Southwest? Martin Tire Company provides everything Texas and New Mexico drivers need to keep their vehicles in great shape. The skilled technicians working at our shops can take care of simple oil changes and wiper blade replacements. We’re also equipped to handle more advanced auto service needs like transmission services and cooling system repairs.

A trusted tire shop in El Paso, Texas

At Martin Tire Company, we’ve provided a broad selection of automotive services to people in and around El Paso since 1945. No business sticks around that long by accident, and we’ve gotten to this point thanks to our laser focus on customer service and quality workmanship. Over the years, our shop has grown to be the largest independent tire and wheel distribution center in the Southwest, with thousands of custom wheels and tires in stock.

The help you need, no matter where you are

The team at Martin Tire has been consistently committed to customer satisfaction while providing the best quality products and services for over 70 years. And luckily for our customers, we aren’t just limited to one location. Today, Martin Tire has multiple convenient shops in El Paso, Texas, and Southern New Mexico. If you’re somewhere in the Southwest, the chances are you’re within driving distance!

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Leave your vehicle in good hands

Martin Tire Company hires only the best technicians, salespeople, and managers. We give all our employees thorough training in all the latest technological advances related to the auto industry. That’s our way of ensuring our clients get the service they deserve. At Martin Tire Company, we’ve been committed to customer satisfaction and the best quality products and services for over 70 years, and we don’t intend to stop now.

Keep your vehicle running smoothly with an oil change

Any good car mechanic can take care of oil changes, and that’s certainly the case for the team here at Martin Tire Company. Depending on your situation, our auto repair shop offers one of three possible types of car oil changes. Our good value conventional oil change will provide exceptional new oil at the lowest upfront cost. If you’d like a midpoint between conventional and synthetic oil, choose our Maxlife synthetic blend oil change. Finally, our Synpower full synthetic oil change will improve your car’s fuel efficiency and allow you to drive it further between oil changes.

Put the brakes on safety risks

You can’t have a reliable vehicle without a braking system that’s operating the way it should. Our technicians recommend taking your car to one of our shops every year for a brake inspection. It’s also smart to take your vehicle in if you’re noticing unusual sounds or sensations when you brake. If the brakes are close to wearing out, we can give your car the brake service it needs for you to keep driving safely!

We offer top-notch new tires for your ride

Martin Tire carries professionally and nationally recognized tire brands. We want our customers to have tires they can trust, so we’ll give you tire recommendations based on your specific vehicle requirements, budget, and driving needs and habits. With our tires, you’ll be able to enjoy a smooth, stable, and quiet ride no matter what you choose. And whatever you want your tires to look like, we can offer the perfect fit: white letters, short black sidewall, wide and tall, wide and short, high performance, aggressive, or any other style you could wish for!

A one-stop tire shop for tire services in El Paso, TX

At Martin Tire Company, tire is our middle name—and that means we take your tires seriously. In addition to selling the area’s number-one tires to all kinds of drivers, we can provide any type of tire maintenance your car needs. Of course, that includes installing new tires to replace old ones, but there’s much more we can do. Pick Martin Tire if your car needs tire balancing, tire rotation, or tire repair. Our team of Southwest automotive experts will be happy to help!

We can fix car problems before you notice them

Some car owners ignore their vehicle’s well-being until disaster strikes. However, taking your car in for a regular service can help you avoid serious issues later. When you visit your nearest Martin Tire Company shop for a tune-up, our expert technicians will look for signs of engine trouble. While we’re at it, we’ll replace any parts that are almost worn out. If it’s been 30,000 miles or more since your last tune-up, it’s time to ask for this vital service again.

High-quality products and services at low prices

We believe that the services of a great auto mechanic shouldn’t put a strain on your finances. Therefore, we’re proud to offer all kinds of auto repair coupons to our customers for our tires and automotive services. Better still, if you find a tire advertised by a local supplier for less than 30 days of your purchase, Martin Tire Company will refund you the price difference. Why buy anywhere else?

If getting the lowest prices, the most extensive selection and professional service aren’t enough, we offer a 30-day free trial period! Let’s say you aren’t satisfied with your purchase for any reason. In that case, you may return any set of four-passenger or light truck tires within 30 days or 500 miles of purchase and receive a full refund. Your refund will be good for purchasing another set of tires from Martin Tire Company.

A tire shop that gives its customers credit—literally

No one in New Mexico or Texas likes dealing with unexpected car repairs, especially because of the expense. To help our customers manage their finances, we’ve introduced an exclusive Martin Tire Company credit card. With this card, you can pay for auto service and tires while enjoying low monthly repayments, zero annual fees, and deferred interest (if paid in full within six months). The application process couldn’t be easier, so sign up today!

Stay informed and stay safe

Even for people who try their best, car ownership can be demanding. The team at Martin Tire Company can help you out when you need new tires or attention from a car mechanic. Still, our commitment to quality service doesn’t stop there. Take a look at our collection of car care tips to learn what to look for in your next vehicle, how to keep your tires performing perfectly, the ins and outs of scheduling an oil change, and much more.

Get a quick, convenient quote

If you’re wondering how much your auto repair will cost before you visit our shop, you’re not alone. To help you out, we offer online car repair quotes. When you give us information on your vehicle and the services it needs, we’ll use this to estimate how much you’re likely to pay for the repair. Just remember that this is an estimate—we can provide a more accurate quote if we can inspect your vehicle first.

Set up your appointment online today

At Martin Tire Company, we value all our customers and believe in making their lives as easy as possible. Our appointment scheduling system is part of this. You can book appointments online, in person, or over the phone, whichever is most convenient for you. If you would like to book online, simply complete our scheduling form to get started!

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El Paso Tire Shop & Auto Repair FAQs

Will my car’s warranty be affected if I have someone other than my car dealer do repairs?

That is a common misconception, but it’s no cause for concern. As the owner of your vehicle, you have the legal right to take your car in for service to a car repair shop of your choice—not just your dealership. Additionally, your dealer cannot refuse to provide warranty coverage if you’ve taken your vehicle somewhere else for automotive repair. That means you can take your car to Martin Tire Company for excellent service at low prices, all without the fear of causing problems later on!

Can I check my own oil?

Understanding how to check your oil is a skill that every driver should have. Try to regularly check your car’s oil level between regular oil changes. In that case, you can avoid the consequences of having a lower oil level than you expect. Even if you haven’t taken automotive maintenance seriously in the past, this process is as simple as it gets:

Begin by parking your car on a flat, level surface.
Let the engine cool down.
Find the oil dipstick—which usually looks like a yellow ring—near the oil tank.
Remove the dipstick and wipe it down with a cloth or rag.
Insert the dipstick all the way back into its housing tube and remove it again.
Look at the bottom end of the dipstick now covered in oil. Your oil level will fall between two cross-hatched markings on the dipstick, or the letters “L” and “F” (for “low” and “full,” respectively). If your oil level is near the bottom marking, it’s time for an oil change.

What is a good schedule for oil changes?

It’s impossible to ignore the role regular oil changes play in extending your car’s lifespan and helping it run as effectively as possible. One rule of thumb that could help you determine an oil change schedule that works for you is that oil changes should take place at least every 3,000 miles or three months. However, you may need an oil change more often than this if you regularly drive in extreme weather (including high heat), or if the vehicle is older.

How often do my brakes need service?

Naturally, brakes are one of the most crucial components of any vehicle. Because of this, you can’t afford to ignore brake service. Our technicians recommend having your brakes checked every 6,000 miles or six months. Additionally, set up an appointment if you notice any of these symptoms of brake problems:

Brake pedal vibrates while braking.
Vehicle pulls to one side while braking.
Additional distance is needed when coming to a full stop.
Brake pedal has a lower amount of resistance when pressed.
Puddles of yellow brake fluid appear under your vehicle when parked.
Braking makes a sound such as grinding, thumping, or squeaking.

The best way to respond to these signs is by scheduling an appointment at Martin Tire Company. Our crew will inspect your car’s braking and hydraulic systems, resurface your rotors or drums, replace your brake pads or shoes, and repack your wheel bearings if needed.

When should I get a tune-up?

If you’ve been following the same tune-up schedule for decades now, it’s time for an update. Today’s vehicles are controlled by a sophisticated computer system, so it’s a good idea to follow your manufacturer’s recommendations. Otherwise, most cars should get a tune-up at least once every 30,000 miles. As part of your tune-up, we’ll replace your air and gas filters, install new spark plugs, top off your fluids, and much more.

Which services do you include with preventative maintenance?

Getting regular car repair will keep your automotive costs lower in the long run while improving your vehicle’s overall condition and performance. Though the exact services our team provides for your car’s preventative maintenance will vary based on your car’s needs, they may include any or all of the following:

Flushing transmission fluid.
Flushing power steering fluid.
Tightening nuts and bolts.
Replacing brake pads.
Flushing brake fluid.
Replacing air filters.
Inspecting tires.
Refilling windshield washer fluid.
Checking lights.
Aligning wheels.
Balancing/rotating tires.
Replacing fuel filter.
Replacing engine oil and oil filters.

What are the benefits of replacing belts and hoses?

Every time you drive, your belts and hoses are subjected to stress. Since they’re dealing with engine vibrations, heat, and other forces, these components will leak, fray, or crack at some point if they are not replaced. To give your belts and hoses the care they need, take them to your nearest Martin Tire Company location for a thorough inspection.

What should I do when my “check engine” light turns on?

A “check engine” indicator isn’t always a sign of an emergency, but it is something you should take seriously. This light activates when your car’s computer system has picked up on a problem that needs professional attention, whether it’s something relatively routine or a much larger issue. When you take your vehicle to Martin Tire Company, we’ll connect it to our diagnostic system to determine what’s going on and any issues we can repair for you.

When should I have my cooling system inspected?

Your car’s cooling system is responsible for keeping the temperature within your vehicle low, allowing engine components to function without running the risk of overheating. In order to keep this crucial system working correctly, it’s ideal to have your coolant system and antifreeze flushed every 30,000–50,000 miles or every two years. Our technicians will inspect your cooling system for signs of damage that may require additional work to fix. To ensure your coolant level is optimal in between coolant flushing services, we’ll check the level whenever you come in for an oil change.

Do you price match other car repair shops in the local area?

The crew at Martin Tire Company take customer value seriously. That means we’ll be happy to meet the prices of other tire businesses in the area.

What can indicate that my tires need to be replaced?

If you haven’t paid close attention lately to the state of your tires, you’ll want to start checking your tires regularly for signs of damage. Keep an eye out for uneven tread wear, a “sawtooth” appearance on the outer edges of treads, foreign objects embedded in tires, and any other obvious warning signs. If you find anything concerning, or you’re not sure whether your tires need replacement or not, visit your local Martin Tire Company location for assistance.

What should I know about automotive maintenance?

Taking your car to a trustworthy local shop is a significant part of being a responsible vehicle owner. However, it’s also good to have some basic car maintenance knowledge between those visits. That way, you’ll keep your car in good condition while potentially lessening the need for professional attention. To help our customers stay informed, Martin Tire Company regularly shares articles featuring essential car care tips.

Do you offer any options to help with automotive repair costs?

At Martin Tire Company, we constantly offer a selection of coupons for car maintenance and tires and post them on our website. If you see a coupon you can use, be sure to take advantage of it ASAP!

Furthermore, we provide a special credit card for our customers. This card comes with all kinds of benefits, including no annual fee, deferred interest (when paid in full within six months), and affordable monthly payments.

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