Power Steering Fluid Flush in El Paso, TX

The power steering fluid is probably one of the most neglected and over looked fluids under the hood. As the power steering system accumulates miles, microscopic particles of metal and rubber can buildup in the fluid. This buildup can hinder performance and cause major expensive issues if neglected.

Service neglect leads to power steering system complaints such as poor handling, sluggish steering, and whining noises when using the steering wheel.

Our experienced mechanics use a special machine to:

  • Drain the expired fluid from the reservoir using fluid extraction equipment.
  • Refill with power steering flush and turn the wheel lock to lock to circulate cleaner throughout the system. Repeat.
  • Drain the power steering cleaner from the reservoir and refill with synthetic based power steering fluid. Turn wheel lock to lock, drain, fill, and repeat process until all of fluid is in your vehicle’s system.

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