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With so many brands and sizes of tires to choose from, it can be overwhelming deciding what is best for you and your vehicle. We have put together some things to note when buying your next set of tires.


Your vehicle was designed to use a specific tire size in order to support the weight of the car including passengers and cargo. Replacement tires should match the same size as your original tires. The size of the tire determines the amount of air allowed and its maximum inflation pressure allowed. These factors determine the tires ability to carry a load and the overall life of the tire.


The area that you live in and the kind of weather and terrain you drive in as well as loads carried and personal driving habits generally determine which tread type is best for you


The main benefit of a higher speed rating is improved handling and stopping.  Speed rating also affects how quickly a tire will wear and a tires mileage warranty.  It also greatly affects the ride quality for the driver.


Style is a personal preference and availability depends on tire size, speed rating, and vehicle. Popular styles include white sidewall, raised white or colored lettering, and black, Black Serrated, Black sculptured letters on the sidewall.


There are many different brands to choose from.  The major brands are household names because they are highly advertised. But just because a brand isn’t well-known, doesn’t mean the tire isn’t as good.  Every brand has a good, better and best option.  Each step up improves some option such as mileage, braking, traction, and ride.


Tire life is important to every driver. Keep in mind your personal driving habits to determine what is best for you.  Brand names are not necessarily an assurance of quality, check with consumer publications and tire professionals. Low cost can either mean lowest initial cost or lowest cost per mile, but in either case, the tire you are purchasing should at least meet the minimum that is acceptable to you for your driving needs.

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